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    A destination-wide pledge providing resources and support for re-opening.

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    Saskatoon’s tourism sector thrives here on the Traditional Territory of Treaty 6 First Nations and the Homeland of the Metis. We pay our respect to the First Nations and Metis ancestors of this place and reaffirm our relationship with one another.

    ตรวจ ลอตเตอรี่ รัฐบาล กินแบ่ง

    Visitor Centre

    Please note that the Tourism Saskatoon Visitor Centre will remain closed until at least March 31, 2021, at which time we will re-evaluate the situation based on current public health advice. We will continue to be available by email or phone during this closure.

    Our Virtual Visitor Centre is always open!

    Things are strange at the moment. But one thing that will never change is you will always be welcome in Saskatoon. Whether in person or in a virtual space, we want you to feel well-informed and confident in choosing Saskatoon as a place to visit when the time is right.

    How will we do that? By inspiring you with virtual experiences (coming soon!) from our stellar selection of attractions. By teasing your tastebuds with the diverse dining options in and around Saskatoon. And by making sure you know that Tourism Saskatoon is doing everything we can to ensure all of these experiences are following the proper safety guidelines.

    Are you looking for a winter getaway or maybe a romantic rendezvous right here in our beautiful city? Check out the great packages available from Uniglobe Carefree Travel and book your stay today!

    Check out our social media sites. We are posting every single day of the week on topics such as food, arts and culture, #Saskatooning things to do at home, and the different ways to give back to the community.

    Take a moment and dream about what's to come. We are ready to welcome you.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or comments at info@



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